LGBTQ Tropical Holiday Survey

The Strategic Intelligence Alliance, Inc has completed an in depth survey of over 1300 respondents from across North America. The survey was designed to help inform travel business operators about how LGBTQ travelers will make their travel decisions in 2016 and 2017. To purchase the results and key to opening the survey, please click below.

The survey provides critical data on:

  • what are the most common sources of travel information sought out by LGBT tourists;
  • which are the most common internet travel search engines utilized;
  • what is the average amount that LGBT travelers are wishing to spend for accommodation, meals and entertainment;
  • what tourism activities are most popular at a tropical ‘gay’ destination;
  • what gay oriented amenities attract the LGBT tourist to a destination;
  • how much travelers expect to spend on holidays and what limits they have for given activities;
  • what amenities LGBT travelers expect in a gay destination;
  • what are the most common sources of travel information sought out be LGBT tourists;
  • where LGBT tourists intend to go and what are the most popular destinations, and much more.

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LGBTQ Tropical Holiday Survey

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